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Every time I introduce our Company I always ask myself a question: what is the most important for our customers? This is always an exciting moment as it offers me the opportunity to share ideas and experience, to explain consequences of actions, and show our skill of anticipating market needs. People are happy when they succeed, but it is the success of our customers that we cherish the most. We believe that by introducing ourselves to you, we create yet another opportunity for both of us to succeed.

We are looking forward to working for you
Paweł Korczak, CEO



The Company is founded. The first machines are bought and production starts. Our first product were price tags and the equipment for their application.

The Company employs: 3 people.


The first flexographic press and packaging machines are bought. Our product portfolio can now be extended to colour self-adhesive labels and flexible packagings manufactured using the narrow web technology.


The second flexographic press is bought. Our production capacity is doubled and, in the event that the first flexo breaks down, continuity of supplies is ensured.

The Company employs: 10 people, production capacity is 1 mln sq.m. per year.


Start-up and installation of the Poland’s first rotary hybrid offset press allows us to extend our product portfolio which now includes roll products printed using the offset and screen printing techniques, including print enrichment that is performed in one production cycle.


The second rotary hybrid offset printer is installed. Production capacity is increased and, in the event that the first offset printer breaks down, continuity of supplies is ensured.

The Company employs: 24 people, production capacity is 2 mln sq.m. per year.


Implementation and certification of the ISO 9002 quality management system, later recertified to ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 9001:2008.


Multipage booklet labels are introduced. We continue to grow and expand our production to include a product that, until now, has been available only in western Europe.


We continue to implement innovative technologies and introduce RFID labels. Comex is one of the few manufacturers to offer the application of RFID antenna for roll products.


Digital colour label press for printing labels on rolls is installed. Printing technique, commonly known as digital printing, that requires no minimum amount and utilizes no printing plates is now available in our product portfolio.
The Company employs: 76 people, production capacity is 4 mln sq.m. per year.


Our next investment is required by the recently enacted law and our Braille printing system is purchased. Because our pharmaceutical customers must attach information in Braille to their product packaging, we include Braille print to our product portfolio.


Self-adhesive substrates, combining printed layers and peel off labels are now made available to our customers. In addition to that, the quality of print is improved by the installation of CTP at the prepress division.


UV flexo press is installed. The successful launching of the first in Poland and third in Europe fully equipped production line for antenna printing and RFID chip application by the COMEX RFID division.


Visual control system is implemented for the entire production process. State-of-the-art packing machines with video recorders are purchased, and the CRM system is implemented to support the entire order processing.


Production capacity for digital labels is increased and their quality improved. An innovative digital colour label press gains recognition amongst our customers.


Purchase and start-up of another UV flexo press.

COMEX is a well-known brand and an acclaimed manufacturer acting on the Polish and international label printing market. The Company’s capital is fully owned by the Polish shareholders. We produce 750 million labels per year for more than 650 companies. Export accounts for 20% of the Company’s revenues.

The Company employs: 95 people

Our mission

PPU Comex sp. z o.o. manufactures a wide range of printing products, in particular technologically advanced self-adhesive products.

How we do it? 

We utilize innovative technologies and novel top quality substrates. An equally important field of our Company’s operation is order picking and sale of systems, equipment and AI products, as well as RFID labels production

30+ Long-time experience

Innovative technologies

Comprehensive service


Our vision

The Company’s objective is to maintain and strengthen its leadership as a manufacturer and exporter of products to both large corporations and individual customers and to become a leader amongst the European RFID label manufacturers.

Our strategy

We intend to achieve our goals by:

  • Efficient launching of new products and technologies
  • Introducing innovative printing solutions to our product portfolio
  • Ensuring reliability and compliance of our products with the applicable law
  • Offering top quality products
  • Timely and comprehensive order processing
  • Offering competitively priced products

Meeting the above defined objectives is ensured by Quality Management System that Comex has implemented, maintains and upgrades that complies with the ISO  9001 : 2015 standard.

All employees are familiar with the Company’s Quality Policy, accept its principles and are actively involved in observing them. The Quality Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure its practicality.

Quality policy

We are a holder of the ISO 9001 certificate since 2000, and the quality policy is supervised by our Quality Representative along with the Quality Control Department.

Quality control

Quality controllers investigate production reports and ensure compliance with substrate and product specifications.

The highest quality of order processing is maintained by precisely defined control procedures and qualified personnel.

Visual control system

We implemented the EyeC visual system that allows in-process control of all of our products, as well as during the final packing.

EyeC Proofiler 400 ensures artwork and text analysis, as well as the verification of 1D, 2D, Data Matrix, and QR codes with high precision prior to printing.

Ultra-fast EyeC ProofRunner 450 Color systems equipped with 4K camera allow 100% in-process inspection of content, both graphics and text. The system verifies readability of 1D, 2D, Data Matrix, and QR codes, variable data, and checks for colour compliance across various label fields at the same time.

Rewinder visual control is possible at the speed of 350 n/min. This machine has been equipped with OCR functionality to verify batch number printing on labels and detect errors like repeated numbers.

DTP and CTP Studio

Our DTP studio has been well equipped with cutting edge technology, and our printing plates are prepared using the CTP technology. Our graphic design specialists always make sure that the best result is created in a given technology.

Customers’ projects are analysed and adopted to meet technology requirements. The compliance and size of barcodes is always checked so that the highest score of code verification is obtained. Proofs are prepared for each project for compliance with colours and readability.

Production files are sent via the CTP to prepress division. The biggest advantages of the modern CTP technology is the speed and precision of prepress.

Social engagement

We believe that business should have a social dimension. From the very beginning, COMEX recognizes the needs of both individual people and institutions who need support to be able to meet the demands of the market economy.
Keeping in mind what is most important for any community, and that is culture, Paweł Korczak, our CEO, became in 2002 the patron of the Wrocław Contemporary Theatre. Since then, COMEX co-finances performances and prints tickets free of charge.

Besides providing a regular support to the Wrocław Contemporary Theatre, COMEX sponsors other local theatres, as well as charity foundations and non-profit organizations.

Awards and Certificates

COMEX’s Diplomas

We have received many awards in many different categories within the last 30 years, including: Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair for innovative products, 6 Business Gazelles statuettes, and the First Prize in the XSYS international competition in the category of offset print.

Currently we are hiring:

If we don’t have any openings, but you wish to join our team, please chose other vacancy and put department and/or position you wish to have into your comment field.


Our driving force are our people who contribute to the Company’s success. If you want to join us, send us your CV. If we don’t have any openings, but you wish to join our team, please chose other vacancy and put department and/or position you wish to have into your comment field.
We hire on the basis of an employment contract and offer a generous benefits package and friendly corporate environment.

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